How to Convert Text Document to Speech on Ubuntu Using eSpeak

Ubuntu espeak is a speech synthesizer for English (and several other languages) which will convert text to speech. You can straight away execute espeak command on your Ubuntu machine without any installation or configuration. In this article, let us review 8 examples of espeak command. espeak Example 1: Speak the words specified in command line This is the […]

How to View and Delete Iptables Rules – List and Flush

Question: How do I view all the current iptables rules? Once I view it, is there a way to delete all the current rules and start from scratch? Answer: Use the iptables list option to view, and iptables flush option to delete all the rules as shown below. You should have root permission to perform this operation. […]

IPMI Tool – reset root password

Boot server using a LiveCD like SysrescueCD and enter the following commands: modprobe ipmi_devintf ipmitool user set password 2 If those are done then you should be good to go.

Been a while

Well it has certainly been a while since I have posted anything on here. Life has a strange way of doing that. When you want to give God a good laugh just tell him your plans.  

Roll Me Away

Hopefully by the Grace of God one of these days I will have it all together again and be in a position where I can afford to buy a NICE bike and tour the country.

Youth is wasted on the youth….

I pause to reflect a little bit after seeing this video on Youtube and sometimes I wonder where the hell the years went. As I get older, time seems to move a bit faster.Anyhow, I can certainly identify with this video on a few levels.

Still trying to figure it out

Ya know, it has been a while since I got on here and posted anything but today seemed like a good day to do a few things. Last night I was having some trouble getting online with my laptop after I restarted it since I had done a couple of software updates, I run Ubuntu […]

Settling in and working on the next chapter in my life

I have successfully arrived in the “City of Lost Wages” aka Las Vegas Tuesday morning at 5:30 and after waiting around for a while I managed to make it over to my residence to sign the lease and pay the first month’s rent and begin the process of moving on in.

Billy Ray Cyrus – Some Gave All

Just happened to be thinking about the fact that Memorial day is a little over a month away.Never hurts to think about those who paid the price so we can enjoy the blessings of liberty that we have today. Also it is a good time to think about those brave young men and women out […]

Tim McGraw – Please Remember Me

“Please Remember Me” is a song co-written by American country music artists Rodney Crowell and Will Jennings. Originally recorded by Crowell on his 1995 album Jewel of the South, his version was released as a single that year. Crowell’s version of the song peaked at number 69 on the Billboard country charts upon its release. […]

Living Life to the Fullest

I like to listen to this when I need to put things into perspective, like at the time of this posting as I have recently had to deal with the losses of a couple of people back in January and February of this year, a nephew due to an illness and a friend to suicide.Also […]

Bridge Over Troubled Water

A classic tune by Simon and Garfunkel that has so much depth and meaning plus it really reaches deep into the soul if you take the time to absorb what is being said in the lyrics. This time instead of it being sung by that wonderful duo it is actually being covered by Elvis Presley […]