About Me

Not a whole lot to say actually. Just a middle aged-guy who likes to tinker around with computers and surf the internet.

  • Celebrated my 50th birthday in Las Vegas.
  • Originally from New England.
    • Die-hard Boston Red Sox and New England Patriots fan.
    • I am known to speak with a distinct accent also known as the New England dialect where my "R's" tend to be missing.
  • Now living in Los Angeles California.
  • Semi Retired.
  • Part time computer support technician. Need your computer or server fixed? Give me a growl!
  • Webmaster.┬áNeed a web site built? Just let me know!
  • Web Host. Need a web site hosted? Let me know!
  • Professional Go-Fer. For those of you that don't know what that means, it means I am one of those guys who has a knack for getting the mundane things done for others so they can focus on the things they really need to take care of without interruptions.
  • Amateur Stand Up Comedian, I do the occasional Open Mic night when I have time, maybe I will get lucky one of these days and land a nice gig at one of the comedy clubs or perhaps an appearance on one of the late night shows but if it does not happen that is OK as well.
  • Sober nearly my entire adult life (by the Grace of God). I realized at the ripe age of 18 that I was crazy enough without alcohol and that I was a damn fool to add it to the mix plus I did not like what I saw in terms of the path I was following if I kept on drinking. I consider myself one of the lucky ones where I got the good sense early on to quit before things really got out of hand. I feel that if I did not stop drinking when I did I probably would not be alive today to put up this web site.
  • Divorced, needless to say it did not work out or as Robin Williams would say;

    Divorce is like getting your genitals ripped out through your wallet

  • Aspiring one day to be a professional beach bum!