How to Convert Text Document to Speech on Ubuntu Using eSpeak

Ubuntu espeak is a speech synthesizer for English (and several other languages) which will convert text to speech. You can straight away execute espeak command on your Ubuntu machine without any installation or configuration. In this article, let us review 8 examples of espeak command. espeak Example 1: Speak the words specified in command line This is the […]

How to View and Delete Iptables Rules – List and Flush

Question: How do I view all the current iptables rules? Once I view it, is there a way to delete all the current rules and start from scratch? Answer: Use the iptables list option to view, and iptables flush option to delete all the rules as shown below. You should have root permission to perform this operation. […]

IPMI Tool – reset root password

Boot server using a LiveCD like SysrescueCD and enter the following commands: modprobe ipmi_devintf ipmitool user set password 2 If those are done then you should be good to go.