Memories of a special uncle

Memories of a member of “The Greatest Generation” For those who do not fully understand what this means, look back in time to when the world was coming out of the Great Depression and the world was at war, many young men left jobs, farms, schools, loved ones, wives or maybe that special girl back […]

A tragedy

This past week we lost someone who had an incredible gift to tickle our funny bones. That someone was Robin Williams. I first saw news of his death Monday afternoon on my Facebook page and needless to say I was stunned beyond belief, probably even more stunned than when I was a teenager learning of […]

Chilling out

One of my friends from the neighborhood popped by my place today in Hollyweird to shoot the breeze for a little bit and we decided to head out to the beach as I needed an escape as I was working a good chunk of last night on a web site for a friend and then […]

Hi All!

I was bored with the way my site looked and aggravated with the server at the same time so I decided to switch to WordPress for this site since it is mainly a blog site anyhow where I can share my random musings and ramblings with whomever decides to stop by and check things out