Where were you?

On that day, September 11, 2001 I was living in North Carolina at the time as a mechanic at a tire shop when my boss comes in and tells us about the news he heard on the radio of planes being hijacked and crashing into the Twin Towers. He had to reassure us that he […]

Bob Seger – Understanding

In case you have not figured it out by now I am  a serious aficionado of both Classic Rock & Roll and Country Music.Here is a tune from Bob Seger titled “Understanding” which was also featured on the soundtrack for the 1984 movie “Teachers”

In Rememberance of 9/11

So many lives were lost that fateful day because of a bunch of madmen. This one brings a tear or two to my eyes every time that I see it. Perhaps one day may we experience peace.

Just when I think I have seen it all………

Every so often I see something that makes me shake my head and as I get older that happens less often until today when a friend of mine shares something on my Facebook page that I thought was totally priceless. 

What I live on

Those who know me will attest to the fact that I function on two substances, caffeine and nicotine. A shortage of either one makes me kinda cranky

1967 Chevy C10 Restomod

A really cool ’67 Chevy C10 Pickup truck that was tricked out and featured on Jay Leno’s Garage  

Bumper Stickers

Who were the beta testers for Preparations A through G? Madness takes its toll. Please have exact change. Five days a week my body is a temple. The other two, it’s an amusement park.

Now here is something a little bit crazy

Some technology called Arduino, which I sure as hell do not have a clue what it is, is something a friend of mine posted on his Facebook page about a creation one of his friends came up with for a bra. All I can say is that you gotta see it for yourself.

My trip to Vegas

Last month in celebration of my 50th birthday my older sister came down to Hollywood and kidnapped me for a little trip to Las Vegas. It was a much needed vacation and I really needed to get away for a short spell to unwind and have a little bit of fun. My only regret is […]

Wouldn’t it be nice?

We are inundated with so much news on a daily basis that it grates on us. A lot of times I tend to tune it out because it causes me nothing but a whole lot of heartache. A couple of prime examples over the past couple of weeks:

When does the foolishness come to an end?

At the top of my list would be when an event happens and the media has a field day with it to jack up the ratings and stir up a frenzy before having all of the facts thus causing an uproar. Irresponsible journalism, yellow journalism, BS journalism. Call it what you want. What the hell […]