Wouldn’t it be nice?

We are inundated with so much news on a daily basis that it grates on us. A lot of times I tend to tune it out because it causes me nothing but a whole lot of heartache.

A couple of prime examples over the past couple of weeks:

  • The death of Robin Williams (a huge shock and my heart goes out to his family)
  • Ferguson MO (My heart goes out to the family of young man who was shot and also to the police officer involved as well)
  • The fighting in Israel with Hamas (my heart goes out to all of the innocents on both sides who only want to live in peace)

Some days I wonder if we can ever live with some sort of peace because I know that I for one am getting really fed up with people fighting and killing each other on an almost daily basis.

When will it stop?

Just for a change I would like to hear something good.


But then again I am probably just pipe dreaming but what else do I have if I don’t have that?

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