Where were you?

On that day, September 11, 2001 I was living in North Carolina at the time as a mechanic at a tire shop when my boss comes in and tells us about the news he heard on the radio of planes being hijacked and crashing into the Twin Towers. He had to reassure us that he was not kidding and it was no crazy hoax. I turned on the radio near my workbench and when they said that two of the planes were out of Boston my heart sunk and then I let out a blood curdling scream.

Never in my life did I feel as much rage as I did that very day.

A little while later one of the local town degenerates was acting the fool about the whole thing and it took three guys in the shop to keep me from going after him while three or four other guys in the shop chased him off.

On that day I think for the first time I truly understood how my parents and grandparents felt when we were attacked by Japan in 1941.

Alan Jackson - Where Were You (When the world stopped turning)?

Seems like my life changed after this happened.

Where Were You (When the world stopped turning)??

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