When does the foolishness come to an end?

At the top of my list would be when an event happens and the media has a field day with it to jack up the ratings and stir up a frenzy before having all of the facts thus causing an uproar. Irresponsible journalism, yellow journalism, BS journalism. Call it what you want. What the hell ever happened to responsible, fair, balanced journalism?

Keep in mind that I am a very staunch supporter of Freedom of the Press but at the same time these assclowns need to remember that with rights there are responsibilities that come with those freedoms. This kinda hearkens back to why the hell you do NOT shout “FIRE” in a movie theater

The events in Ferguson MO this past week are what have got me going a wee bit. For starters let’s not forget that a young man lost his life. This is truly a tragedy and there is a family that is grieving over this, parents are not supposed to outlive their children.

Now what makes this something that gets under my skin is the racial component involved, A white police officer shooting a black youth. Would there be this much of a media frenzy if it was a black police officer shooting a black youth? What about a white police officer shooting a white youth or a black police officer shooting a white youth? Now to pour gasoline onto on open fire, just have Al Sharpton jump into the mix, you may have just noticed that I do not refer to him as Reverend Al Sharpton, because in my humble opinion a True Man of God would be finding a way to heal the wounds that this event has caused and not inflame the wounds caused by this event.

Is this man TRULY helping the community or only servicing his own personal agenda?

First and foremost however – if the police officer involved in this was wrong then let the justice system do its job, if he is truly guilt of wrongdoing then he should be punished. My biggest concern is that we as a community (and when I use the word community I am referring to all of us regardless of race, color or creed) are once again jumping to conclusions. Please let’s wait until ALL of the FACTS are in.

I would like to think that we have come an incredibly long way as a society but when something like this happens it makes me wonder if the tremendous sacrifices made by members of the African American Community over 40 plus years ago were all in vain.

I wish to share a quote from the late Dr. Martin Luther King;

I look to a day when people will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.

Let me also share something said by Dr. Bill Cosby

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