Separate Ways

Back in 2003 I went through a very painful time in my life where I felt like the rug had pulled out from me when my marriage fell apart, for a few years afterwards I was still feeling the pain and the sadness of the whole thing and then one day I was puttering around on YouTube of all places when I heard this song by "The King", a song I had never heard before and I could have sworn up and down I heard just about everything that he had sung.

Anyhow my personal healing kicked into high gear.

With this healing, I was finally able to move forward with my life and put the pain of the past behind me and once again venture out into the world, over the next couple of years I decided to do some traveling and make some new friends along the way, the latest part of my life journey was moving to Los Angeles in 2008 and starting a new business.

Elvis Presley - Separate Ways

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